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Effective Marketing Automation is all about identifying and engaging prospects for your business, then transforming them into advocates and satisfied long-term customers. Ultimately it will grow your business by selling more of your products or services to the right people, and doing so more profitably. – it sounds simple enough.

With Triggered’s Marketing Automation expert Daniel Carroll by your side, it is – and the results you want are guaranteed.

Daniel specialises in managed Marketing Automation services from

  • auditing your current and future state
  • setting up and integrating the technology you will need to get going
  • maximising the value of your investment in digital technolgoy and turning it into sales and busiess growth

He’ll help you generate leads at the top of the sales funnel, and then use sophisticated Marketing Automation technology to nurture them every step of the way for increased revenue and more satisfied customers.

Triggered Consulting works with organisations big and small, and comfortably & independently alongside your other support partners and agencies: advertising & media, CRM implementation and digital, to ensure your business benefits from having the right people, doing the right things for the right reasons.

Listed below are a selection of the most common services we are providing to new & existing clients, including those we are most frequently asked about. Whilst our approach is to keep things as simple and ‘jargon free’ as possible , there might be a few terms below you are not yet familiar with. Don’t worry we will never ‘throw you in at the deep end’.

What’s in it for you?

Get started right. Make a smooth transition to marketing intelligence.

Boost the knowledge of your team. Learn from an expert.

Fully understand your customers and leads. Guide their way.

Measure your marketing activity. See bottom-line results.

Enjoy ongoing expert assistance on call when you need it.

Assessment & Implementation

*Workshops and audits

Want to create a working road map for long-term success?

Let’s get your organisation thinking about what you want to achieve.

  • Whether you’ve never been involved in Marketing Automation before, or you’ve had a Marketing Automation platform for a while; an audit is a great way to understand where you are on the curve and devise a plan to both take you smoothly into the future and generate more value.
  • We will help you understand where Marketing Automation fits with your current marketing activities, where you want to go, to clarify your objectives and what you want to get out of your investment.
  • We are happy to create and run tailored workshops for your business, so that your team totally understands what Marketing Automation is in your business and how to manage and use the tools you decide to invest in to make sure the value of your investment is returned quickly and at its maximum.

*Marketing Automation implementation and enablement

Want to get your Marketing Automation platform set up right?

Like building a house, your marketing activities need to have a solid foundation in place. Getting it right and early will increase your team's knowledge and get a faster return on your investment.

  • Signing the technology licence is just the beginning. Daniel @ Triggered provides best-in-class and best-practice implementation services for your Marketing Automation tools & software.
  • You’ll be taught the technology step by step with a view to you becoming fully enabled & independent as your internal capability develops.
  • You’ll receive a fully documented overview & pathway for your Marketing Automation platform that you can build upon and take into the future.


*Always-on content and engagement marketing strategy

Want to nurture people with a message that hits home when it counts?

Triggered helps you understand the complexities of Marketing Automation and helps it deliver for your business in the critical areas that will maximise the benefits it will bring.

  • Forget blindly running campaign after campaign. The most successful companies are continually evolving and expanding how they use Marketing Automation to maximise its value. Triggered will guide you to develop always-on content that truly engages your audience, can be modified and used over the long-term and is delivered on point.
  • Unlock the power of trigger and filtering methods so you can meet your customers’ individual needs, whether you're sending an email or an SMS, updating a score or personalising a website.
  • Tap into the power of Nurture Marketing using a tailored sophisticated Engagement Program engine.

*Lead and customer life cycle mapping and automation

Want to see where your customers are on the path to purchase, and understand where they get stuck & help guide your content production to match?

We’ll get your new business funnel working for you so you’re talking to the right people at the right time about the right stuff.

  • A lifecycle map provides the framework for a successful funnel, with clear definitions and data points. Daniel @ Triggered will work with you to develop and outline yours.
  • Consider implementing a Revenue Cycle Model to allow you to plan your customers’ and leads’ lifecycles toward a particular goal. We can help you map out the different stages along this journey, then bring it all to life with automated campaigns that feed from scoring and CRM data and business processes.

*Advanced lead scoring

Want to understand more about the people in your database?

We’ll identify who your sales teams should be talking to and what information each customer needs to receive at each stage of their journey, leading to more meaningful and connected conversations. You’ll sell more, more profitably & keep your customers happier in this way.

  • We will help you Score and Rank your prospects and customers based on their known demographic data, and follow their behavioural data as they interact with your content, website and mobile properties.
  • Triggered also specialises in custom scoring, to help you understand virtually everything about your database’s activity, allowing you to predict their future wants and needs and thus engage with them early increasing the likelihood they will do more and/or repeat business with you.


*Website personalisation

Want to connect with your website traffic on a deeper level and personalise the messages people receive?

Triggered will show you how to segment and tailor your website messages to suit your lead and customer journeys and keep your customer relationships more ‘live’.

  • Website personalisation tools allow you to discover more about the visitors to your site, then continue the conversations after they leave with Google and Facebook retargeting products that tap into your data.
  • You’ll also be able to continue your personalised 1:1 conversations on visitors’ subsequent visits to your website and better engage them with your marketing messages and material.

*CRM integration and process alignment

Want to ensure best-practice connection of your digital Marketing Automation software to your CRM, maximising it's value to your business?
  • Triggered Consulting has unmatched experience with helping sync your Marketing Automation software to Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, including knowledge about how they're set up, how they function and how special features such as Sales Insights and Custom Object integrations work. And we’ll get them talking to each other, working for you and maximising the value of all of your digital sales & marketing investments.
  • When it comes to aligning CRM and Marketing Automation, there's lots to think about & it’s not for the faint hearted. Let Triggered guide you through this process and document each and every step to get you and then keep you on the path to success.

*Data architecture and advanced tools

Want to see how Triggered’s expertise & years of experience can take your Marketing Automation efforts to the next level?

Daniel @ Triggered knows Marketing Automation inside out and will help guide and focus you on best practice, thus setting you up for success. Whether you are just dipping your toes into the water for the first time, or looking to totally upgrade, refresh & expand an existing system, or maybe wanting to evolve into something more sophisticated; Triggered Consulting offers a suite of tools & approaches to help you move to the next level.

  • Triggered will work with your solutions architects to help understand where any solution fits in the overall technology architecture of your organisation.
  • For those wanting to implement more technical Marketing Automation features such as Webhooks, Object and Entity syncs, Sales Insights, tokens and APIs, we will assist you with making the right choices.
  • Daniel is not a developer, but give him a good one and the scope for your business success is up to you!
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