Marketing Automation success in your sights?
Hit the mark with Triggered.

Want to connect with your customers in more meaningful ways – ways that translate into real results? Forget simply running campaign after campaign, Marketing Automation is the technology and tactics that will help you to nurture your prospective and existing customers with personalised content, delivered at the right time, based on their own behaviour. The upshot? Happy customers and significant new revenue for your business.

Marketing Automation can seem complex – but that’s where Triggered Consulting comes in. New Zealand’s most experienced implementation consultant of Marketo, a global leader in Marketing Automation, Daniel Carroll @ Triggered will assist you with the transition to new – and better – ways of working, supporting your team to learn, grow and prosper with this transformational technology. From lead life cycle automation, to email and mobile marketing, to website personalisation and CRM process alignment, Triggered will help you use Marketo to build a bridge between you and your customers.


Use your own data to discover more about your customers, then drive success by communicating with them in the right way, at the right time, about the right stuff.


Save time and money by working smarter. Let sophisticated software streamline and measure your marketing activities and workflows.


Automate repetitive marketing tasks such as sending emails, running events, processing updates to your data and social media campaigns.


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